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ACDC Part 2

As I was saying in my previous post, alternating current can travel much farther distances compared to direct current. So all of these electricity poles you see running throughout the city, posted every 100 yards, that’s alternating current as far as I know. Now direct current moves in a completely straight line and it comesContinue reading “ACDC Part 2”


Part of the use of solar panels and solar technology, is the conversion from light to electricity (or heat in the case of the concentrated thermal solar power) and as we know electricity has two main forms, alternating current and direct current. Shortened, these are AC and DC, which is also the name of aContinue reading “ACDC”

Light to Electricity Part 2

As I was saying in my previous post there are doped versions of silicon that essentially involve changing the amount of electrons floating around in the lattice structure. When the silicon lattices are doped and p and n type materials are created, they then just put the p and n type materials together. What thisContinue reading “Light to Electricity Part 2”

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